Here's a breakdown of the shops I currently am working on doing things with.

eBay -
my first real online sales venue. I sold a lot here and bought a lot, even making artworks custom for dozens of people for a while, my seller acount now totals 430 reviews. But I don't have anything currently on sale there and almost never list anything there lately. Once in a while batches of old used electronics or other used things surface on the shop, but most of the time it's empty and devoid of activity.

HornbostelProductions - My own shop with SSL security and numerous underpriced products. This shop still to this day allows hiring me to paint stuff made to order. But nobody has ever actually bought anything there. It's based on WordPress + WooCommerce, it has a blog and forums connected to it, and yes, some absurd coupon codes still exist along with a fairly generous affiliate program which could potentially be a huge opportunity for any marketer actually able to persuade people to buy anything there.

Itch.IO - My Itch.IO shop has a few game preorder listings and a LOT of stock media asset packs. Think VFX video collections, overlays, decals, seamless photographic PBR texture maps, collections of 3d models in .FBX and .OBJ, and so on. Under ten reviews total still but the lack of reviews is mainly an issue with the platform making reviews a low priority. I've made over a hundred sales there to date to over 60 different people, and I've yet to see any of them wind up upset with what they got. (Though one or two early on did point out issues with certain things that I then fixed.)

ETSY - My Etsy shop is known primarily for what was initially added as an afterthought (printing services) but there's also a ton of other fantastic stuff including a bunch of papercraft kits, original artworks on canvas, the same stock media stuff that exists on Itch, and other things that might surprise you, including 3d level creation services priced below minimum wage! The Etsy shop has had over 120 reviews from 290 orders placed to date.

Unity Asset Store - I'm going to be posting a lot of my 3d and texture stock media stuff here too if I can get through the finicky review and approval process I've finally partially sorted through.

Steam - I intend to launch some of my bigger near-future indie gamedev projects on Steam, including Vivid Minigolf and Miniature Multiverse. If there is enough enthusiasm even the smaller projects might someday end up accessible there.

GameJolt - It's a venue with a similar profile to Itch.IO and similarly minimal fees, and I'll be posting released games for sale there too.

Ads on and other websites run by Matthew Hornbostel, include banner ads from Comic Ad Network [top ad - an unfiltered banner rotation system predominantly used by web comics, art sites, but occasionally some questionable items.] and my own banner rotation system [bottom - anything here is either my own stuff like websites, online shops, or social media profiles, or has been vetted by me and found to be generally legit. I have several cashback sites [all of them are ones I've used and cashed out tens of $ from successfully already] and major online retail stores [Sony, Microsoft, Amazon...] in that mix. Usually they give me some sort of small compensation if you buy from them through the link, which I'm disclosing right now. They're all legit spots, but if skeptical do your own research before committing to anything.]