is an upcoming graphic novel series set in a familiar yet deeply unfamiliar alternate history version of the 2010s. The story goes full thriller as a young and ambitious computer programmer, Stephen Collins, is drawn into a tangled conspiracy that's been going on behind the scenes in his world for centuries.

It seems that the giant conglomerates - the ones that run almost everything, including the governments of the world - didn't become so powerful by mere accident. They're one step ahead of everyone else in technology and the markets, always, and the reason is simple.

They know exactly what will happen before it happens, because from their perspective, it already has happened.

The people running the show are from the future. They went back in time to adjust things for their own benefit. But it's backfiring, because the changes they've made have made it harder and harder to make the right moves... things aren't going as planned, and they're getting desperate.

And in their desperation, billions of innocent people - people who don't understand that their history has been tampered with - are in the crosshairs.

People like Stephen and his friend Henry, a genetically enhanced human (who also happens to be property of the company and privy to at least some fragments of what is going on behind the curtain)... Henry starts to know a bit too much, and pulls Stephen inexorably into a dangerous path.

With immense forces bearing down on them, from armed thugs to the imminent broader implosion of society and social order, Stephen and Henry form their own chaotic renegade counter-operation in an attempt to save a world that others have seemingly irreparably broken...

"Another Road Taken" has been anticipated since before 2020. It's still not my focus. I've largely set comics aside despite the fact that they're good episodic content to keep people engaged with websites.

I'll try to get it moving some time.
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