Other legal notes:

-I take zero responsibility for third-party advertisers failing to deliver solid service. Those advertisements are not all manually filtered.

-Other legal notes related to video, are seen in the 'Actors' article.
Any location owners are considered people for legal purposes. If we shot a scene on someone's property that someone is entitled to a share of revenue as if they'd been an actor present throughout that scene. If someone is not getting their share of the total, that's usually because it has not been requested from me and I have no contact info for that person and/or location owner. If this is the case, PLEASE email me via matthornb@triumphantartists.com now.

-All videos aside from 'Minecraft: The Block Buster', 'Myst: Legacies' and Troop 4 video content is avoiding IP infringement as much as possible. "House Trek", for example, has zero connection to other 'Trek' anything beyond the word 'Trek' and the use of space travel... aside from the fact that it's arguably comedic and could be argued as satire/spoof of the genre.

-All game content that uses existing IP is non-monetized. There's some fangame content on MystFanArt.org and it's not making any money in any way whatsoever. All of my other games aside from that are devoid of any IP infringement.

-In effect, if I made something, please don't try to resell it or pass it off as your own work, or post it in random spots. This stuff is what little I have keeping me afloat right now. So if you decide to pirate my stock media asset packs, games, videos, etc, know you are hurting a person who, for all his flaws, worked hard on that content, has less than $5k in income annually, and still donates regularly to various causes despite being a very low-income indie.  

Please don't be mean.
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