'Traveler's Enigma' is a cautionary tale on what happens when hundreds of hours are poured into developing a game built on top of a game engine which is no longer supported by its developer.

It was a precursor to other bigger and more promising adventure-game efforts such as 'Miniature Multiverse', 'Astounding Worlds' and 'Isola' but unlike those it was foolishly assembled to a near-complete form with a program called Adventure Maker - a program which no longer runs on, and cannot export onto, any modern PC desktop while retaining the scripts and addons that were essential to this game project.

Moreover, not only was "Traveler's Enigma' built on a poorly-selected engine, but it was an ill-concieved project from the get-go, with a weirdly convoluted and borderline delusional religious/spiritual plot which I no longer identified with or took seriously by the time I finally and definitively canned the project some time around 2009.  Still, it had some neat (for the time, and my capability at that time) pre-rendered 360-degree FMV visuals. I'll try to post some more of the old visual content from the defunct project eventually.
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