Yes, sometimes over Christmas, I'll do 'escape room' or 'treasure hunt' stuff that's super ambitious. But that's not what the 'family games' page is actually about.

You see, a few years ago I asked my cousin Emma for a list of things that belonged in 'her imaginary world' and much to her surprise I created those strange ideas as a 3d environment.

The same thing was done years later for Nick, Ben, and Evelyn Ong, my nephews and niece, they're all little kids but they got a BIG kick out of their ideas being rendered in explorable 3d!

And as you've seen on, there's actually a predefined product line of 'personalized worlds' focused on this exact idea. You can order a custom, unique 3d level for a family member as a gift! (There's even an Etsy 3d-level product for anyone who wants it, but nobody's done that just yet which is something of a shame.)
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