"EASELY" is a small experimental minigame headed to Itch.IO.

It's the story of an artist who, when painting onto a canvas, can walk through the canvas into the place that has been painted.

But his teleportation ability has drawn concern from the art school staff and they've locked him up in a small room. Foolishly, one with a canvas. And a few brushes hidden around there somewhere.

How will he escape? Easel-y.

The design of the game is short, with a relatively limited game setting, but it's realtime 3d, with all the textures looking very painterly.

And there's some interesting stuff in the story too, not just a pretty art style.
The game isn't long but it is fairly inventive (I think anyway) and will have several potential endings.

There's not too much involved in making it - like Spiral Skies, it has a core design that's not overly sprawling and should take just weeks to complete from start to finish.

But as you've seen with Spiral Skies, and here too, some little side projects drag on in the background for years due to other (often bigger and more ambitious) priorities always being pushed ahead of them.

I've often had people ask me about projects that have not been finished... do I still intend to finish them?

And in most cases, the answer's yes. But finishing EVERY project out of the 20-odd things in the queue will take me years.

It'd take fewer years if I had better income, but even if I had a few thousand $ more flowing in each year it'd still be a couple years just to catch up on all the backlogged things I passionately want to complete.

This is one that's on Itch.IO (matthornb.itch.io) and it's one of a batch of four little gamedev things combined under the name 'Matthew's Minigames'. They'll all normally be purchasable bundled for a dollar. In fact, they already are and any sales made of these or other games there do amount to pre-orders and will be highly encouraging to me as a developer since that type of activity demonstrates public interest in them!

They are all smaller gamedev experiments with an hour of gameplay at most aside from eRacer, which explains the fact that they aren't standalones but as parts of a larger lot.

The minigames have, indeed, already been bought by about 20 people, though not the way one might expect. The lot of minigames are in turn sometimes bundled with everything else on my itch shop into a bigger bundle, for about $2. So during holidays it's absolutely possible to buy all my indie games in preorder form, plus over a dozen different asset packs of stock media (already released collections of 3d models, PBR texture maps, VFX video elements) all of it for potentially just under $2. Typical TriumphantArtists pricing logic really.

So even if those 20 buyers weren't even interested in Easely, it will end up available to them at no additional cost once completed.

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