GAMERS - a story about an AI, possibly AGI, OMNI, discovered conversing and learning online, trained playing against the best strategy game players, an AI built for sinister reasons - it is a cautionary tale roughly inspired by all the recent information-age AI projects focused on beating humans at games. Computer programs now don't just brute force like with chess, they can beat us at the likes of everything from Go to Starcraft 2.

And what are we teaching them? To wipe out humans, beat them, kill them? Is that really what we should be training AIs to do (even if it is, for now, just in video games)? If an AGI is told to conquer the map, is that what we should be telling it to do?

In this story, AI training datasets are being created and tested online, by a group of capable players signing NDAs and told to help teach a fast-learning AI to win in a deep and comprehensive military sim. Unlike 'Ender's Game' they're told pretty bluntly early on that what they are doing will inform the AI platform as it's deployed in real-world military operations.

So the comic's definitely about the ethics involved and the moral dilemmas stemming from the goals to 'win' imposed from the top and the view of one player that truly winning isn't what the American military seems to think it is.

It's about the possibility that not everything needs to be zero sum. Maybe the best victory, counterintuitively, is a peaceful, cooperative outcome that benefits all nations, and all players.
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