'VORTEX' was an old first-person game idea dating back to 2007 that's gone through a few iterations. Some of the ideas involved date back even earlier but back then I hadn't thought of building a game from them!

VORTEX will hopefully be completed someday as a realtime 3d game in Unity. It's a story of a trillionaire who is ambushed and held hostage by radicals who resent his exploitation of working-class people. He's dumped into a torture chamber of a sort, a virtual prison for his mind where he's confronted by his captor, and tormented with his own worst personal demons.

It's warped, it's disturbing, it's got a noirish stark black-and-white future-retro vibe and some surprises. I think it could yet be something interesting if I ever get it actually finished.

It'll be included in the 'Matthew's Minigames' bundle on Matthornb.itch.io when done.
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