THE MUSEUM - a realtime 3d art-gallery level that can be customized to include a total of 10-15 photos selected by the buyer,
and delivered as .APK or .EXE application playable on Android or Windows (respectively)

The initial source level exists in Unity and although the idea has some potential, I've yet to see anyone order it even at the ridiculous low price it's currently set to.

There are two other options for those who want a custom 3d level fully built from scratch, either based on a real location of sentimental value, or based on a loose pencil sketch or rough set of ideas. Either way, I will allocate twelve hours to the work, which means the time comes out to under $3/hour and sometimes well under $2/hr during sales. But nobody hires me to do that yet. They'd rather pay $5-7/hour for poster prints?

All of these exist as listings on my Etsy shop. For whatever reason, nobody has ever ordered, much less reviewed them. It's been a disappointing thing.
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