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INDIE STOCK MEDIA - 1000+ texture maps, and over 50 free stock video effects, plus an EXPANDED, ALL NEW HD VFX COLLECTION ON DVD!

Triumphant Artists textures Triumphant Artists stock VFX footage NEW Triumphant Artists stock VFX footage

Click the above images for the related page of content! A substantial amount of the material can be downloaded here for free!

NEW PYROTECHNIC ELEMENTS IN HD, plus other elements in the updated 2018 collection!
69 new elements - 52 different pyrotechnic effects, almost all of them real-world pyrotechnic clips/elements shot in HD at 120fps, plus 17 lens overlays [dust/light flares/water splashes] on a DVD for $17.99 on my eBay shop It's also available for digital download through now for no more than $1.50:

That's below 10 cents per royalty-free HD clip!

Includes a variety of explosions/fireballs, shot in HD and shipped to customers on a DVD data disc. There'll also be free equivalents of most of these new clips on this site, but generally these are scaled down to lower quality, with moderate compression. The free clips [third image link above] are adequate for use in SD videos but if you want HD quality on the new material, buy the full DVD on my eBay shop - or buy in immediate digital-download form now for just $1.50 through There’s now also an even newer collection with 200 additional texture maps and 15 MORE pyrotechnic clips, plus other items launching in a matter of days, as of mid-November 2018, including a stock 3d asset pack with textured 3D models, a FREE blood-spatter effects pack, and a batch of cool stuff relating to my indie game 'Miniature Multiverse' - all of my items on Itch.IO will be on sale over Thanksgiving 2018, with discounts of over 60% on all the stuff bundled together, so you'd be well advised to head over there now and bookmark so you'll be ready for that!

Note to everyone here - I have moved from Houston to Pittsburgh and this is disrupting a lot of things, including some of my projects [due to currently inaccessible data] and a lot of shipped physical items ordered through eBay have been delayed lately. More info on this situation has been posted on my blog.


Also, here's a randomized link of my own for you: