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I'm Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, and my work is having a growing impact on eBay.

Here are some of my current listings, embedded in this page:

Don't believe me that the deals are as good as they look?

I completely get it, since I'm the seller.  I'm the guy inserting my full name awkwardly into the headline, the guy with the website, the guy making the artworks on eBay.

Why would you trust me?
Here's the thing, though - I've been okay with having slim or no profit on many of these items, even taking losses on auctions early on. It's a strategy known as a 'loss leader' strategy and in effect it means you could land some amazing, genuinely fantastic deals on items and services that'd normally be normally far more expensive.

The reviews from customers that result from this are absolutely, undeniably real.

Authentic feedback that looks like this:

And here are some older reviews:


"A lot of detail went into this beautiful painting of my past yorkie Thank you!"
"Incredible! So special! Great work! Thank you!"
"Better than described, fast shipping...just love it"
"Fast but generous with his talent, great sense of light and color, communicative."


The reason for the buzz is simple. Setting aside the other miscellaneous items I buy or sell there, I often make paintings and pastel art and colored pencil art, for you [any customers who will take advantage of the deals I offer], inexpensively, by hand, on canvas or paper, based on just about any subject you choose. I offer free shipping, routinely. The item arrives within 20 days at the most. I might get backlogged a bit - and that has recently happened - so maybe I've bit off a bit more than I could chew. I claim I'll ship in three days, but it might be up to seven or eight, if I get a massive pile of 'Buy it Now' orders all at once. But I WILL make you your item and will do it as well as I can, and if something goes wrong you can contact me and I'll make a genuine effort to set things right. Once your artwork ships, it usually arrives within a week.
Most of these listings are fixed price, and a few (on average one every 2-3 weeks) are auctions beginning at a ridiculously low opening-bid price of $0.99.

Items include acrylic and gouache paintings on canvas, colored pencil art, and two typers of pastel art (oil pastel and pastel pencil) and sizes now range from 9"x12" to 24"x36".

I've gone from a mere handful of ratings on my eBay seller account, to over 200, and at the time of this writing 100% of them - every last one - are positive.

The basic idea of these auctions (or fixed-price listings) is that I'll create an artwork (portrait, pet portrait, landscape, cityscape, whatever) based on whatever you want.  Sometimes customers will give me a simple description like "I want a view of San Francisco and the Golden Gate Bridge" and I make something like this:

and sometimes they're very particular about what they want and will provide a list of reference photos for objects, pets, or people they want arranged in the artwork, or the 'mood' they want the work to evoke. One recent customer asked for an image of her deceased pet in heaven, and I painted this:

Yet another asked for a recreation of a classic Leloir painting, "Jacob and the Angel", and the result was this:

 You might be one of the customers who goes so far as to send a photo, and challenge me to recreate it and make it look even better.

For anybody who is interested in buying art from me, take a look at the sortable Still Art section of this website (especially the parts from 2015 onwards) for examples of my work.
Then, if you like what you see, and like the fact that all the original handmade art I sell online, even the huge items, are currently still very reasonably priced, click this link to visit my eBay profile.

Or click this link to see all of the items I have listed on eBay, sorted by how close they are to ending. At the time of this writing, August 5, 2017, over 30 listings are active, including over half a dozen items now being auctioned, all with starting bids under $5, and often under $1, with free shipping for all US buyers!

I'm currently working diligently to keep things moving forward, and freelance gigs, eBay sales and Etsy sales are the three major ways I accumulate the funds needed to keep these websites running, and [with whatever is left over] make progress on my video, games, and other projects.  If you want to see my bigger projects *done* then please buy something from me on eBay or Etsy.  Most of my video productions and game dev projects cost between $100-$1100 with a per-project average of around $275.00; miniscule compared to big 'studio' productions but still somewhat costly.  The way I figure it, if there are no sales on these shops my web network will gradually collapse - if they stay at the level they've been at in early 2016, around an item a week, the network will remain stagnant, with slow or no progress but intact, and at a rate of 2 per week we'll see moderate growth.  At 3 or more items/week?  In that scenario, things begin to accelerate massively.  (And that is what is now happening, or at least starting to)  If you want projects like Panoramic Worlds or Vivid MiniGolf or my old videos online faster, this is by far the best way to make that happen.  Note that in May 17, 2016, I became really swamped with orders on eBay.  Demand increased to the point where I decided to raise prices of fixed-price items by about 7-15%. Further increases are possible over time but prices also go down from time to time depending on demand for the work.

Small artworks [9"x12"] are usually about $9.99, medium size [12"x16" or 12"x18"] $14.99, Large [18"x24"] $24.99, Huge [24"x36"] $44.99. But the actual pricing fluctuates and is frequently lower.

In summary:  If you want this website to survive and thrive, or if you just want a great bargain
on handmade art, please consider buying something from me. I willl make you a handcrafted art piece featuring pretty much whatever subject you want, for an extremely low price compared to the $100+ alternatives available online for custom, made-to-order art.  The fixed-price listings are as low as $5.99 with free shipping, and the auctions start at just $0.99.  


The top vendors ranking highest on online search engines, sell acrylic works on canvas made to order - portraits and pet portraits, typically - and they're good, but they are $130 minimum, for 12" x 16" paintings!  My price for the same service is typically $14.99, and you'll be surprised by how good the results usually are.

You can even grab a HUGE item from my shop for $44.99 and amazingly, it's still tremendous value compared to every alternative out there.

So, if you want an outstanding deal on a portrait or
other art idea:  
Visit my eBay shop today!

Or visit my own official shop, which has some amazing bargains and unique product options found nowhere else!

Consider a painting or pastel art piece as an affordable gift for a family member, friend, or loved one to commemorate and celebrate a special occasion. Or as a way to decorate your home or apartment and make it look amazing. If you've got any reason at all to buy an artwork, this is a good opportunity. And even if not, you may still want to bookmark this site and keep it in mind for later.

Finally, if you are unlikely to ever buy handmade art [for whatever reason] but do like the idea of seeing my games or videos being completed, you have a few helpful options of quick things you can do that'll make a big impact on my production efforts, listed on this page. Thanks for reading.

Also, here's a randomized link of my own for you: