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Even though my stock media has failed to find a market in the past, I'm betting some $300 and many hours of effort on the idea that now, finally, in 2018, my stock media will actually sell and become a viable product line.

Stock textures/footage I've made, despite their usefulness for 3d artists and and merit for compositors, failed miserably in 2013-2015, but since then my ratings as a seller on eBay have gone from 100 to over 285, still 100% of them positive despite some occasional [but always corrected and resolved] delays and missteps, and the old stock-media content has been downloaded thousands of times, confirming that people find it worthwhile. Moreover, daily traffic across my web network has increased over five-fold since 2015, and the stock media pages in particular have been drawing about 900 visitors per month in the past 3 months.

So I'm giving this one more good shot - with 49 REAL-WORLD pyrotechnic effects clips, 3 3D simulated fire/smoke/explosion elements, plus 17 lens overlays [splashed water, dirt/sand and dust on lens for that gritty documentary-style immediate look, and lens flares shot with an actual flashlight through black sheets of paper] - all in all, 69 NEW ELEMENTS, all of them available at FULL HD RESOLUTION for $17.99 with free shipping, or roughly 25 cents/element, on my eBay shop. Heck, since it's off to a slow start, I even made a batch of auction listings available early on, AT A LOSS, some under $9.99 with free shipping.

I have done the best work possible on this given my limited resources. I think you will find the results useful if you're an indie video creator, compositor or vfx person. If you've ever used my stock media in SD form, I'd appreciate it if you'd decide to buy the HD equivalent - the new stock media DVD.
I know there have been shipping issues for a few early customers, and I know the quality of the processing on these clips is not flawless. Nonetheless, I'm trying to improve things, and a success in sales here would mean even more affordable stock media, dirt cheap but hopefully better quality, added later on.

If the new collection succeeds it could boost my production of new content / new stock media and propel all of that into faster active development. Your purchases will lead to ongoing production of a mix of more affordable and free stock VFX content that you'll find useful for your own creative projects - a lot of brand new textures and video elements.

If this continues to fail despite all the effort I've poured into it? Let's just say that'd be disappointing, as I'm really struggling to justify keeping things moving forward on this as is.


-On my eBay shop

-or using my secure shop on, where, for the first week of this product's release, the DVD is on sale - available RIGHT NOW for just $11.99!


If you want to know what is in this collection, here are some .GIFs and download links for a sample of the lower-resolution compressed SD versions of the clips.

Not everything thatís currently on the DVD product is displayed here yet but I'll add to this page over time. I've been pivoting to some other things that are sort of urgent and I still need to modify the HTML on this page, upload the remaining GIFs and SD clips I've converted from the higher-quality originals, stuff like that. I have previews of some of the stock media elements posted on this page.

I put just about all I could spare into this stock media project, making some real sacrifices and putting in a lot of effort to get this content created, so if my stock-media work here fails as a sale product yet again, that'll be a setback for my work generally and the final nail in the coffin as far as my attempts to produce new stock media/effects/textures. (A failure to sell content even now with a ton of new stuff in the mix for 2018, would only confirm my existing suspicion that my stock media is not and never will be a viable product line no matter how much I try to make it so.)

Then again, maybe this collection will turn out to be a massive surprising [if slow out of the gate] smash hit, which would be amazing for me, and for you, because then I'd be ramping up development of further stock-media content instead of shutting that down.

Effect #17 SD Quality Download

Effect #18 SD Quality Download

Effect #19 SD Quality Download

Effect #20 SD Quality Download

Effect #21 SD Quality Download

Effect #22 SD Quality Download

Effect #23 SD Quality Download

Effect #24 SD Quality Download

Effect #25 SD Quality Download

Effect #26 SD Quality Download

Effect #27 SD Quality Download

Effect #28 SD Quality Download

Effect #29 SD Quality Download

Effect #30 SD Quality Download

Effect #31 SD Quality Download

Effect #32 SD Quality Download

Also, here's a randomized link of my own for you:

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