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I do a lot of handmade art - it's a type of work I enjoy.  I have been drawing and painting as an artist for the last 20 years and as my skills have improved, I've been increasingly able to sell my work to customers.
On my official shop, and on eBay, I offer customers like you affordable made-to-order artworks based on whatever subject you choose, in a variety of mediums and sizes.  I also now offer works of my own design on Etsy and Zazzle.

My own shop offers better value and more options than the eBay shop, but the eBay shop accounts for most of my sales, mainly due to the 150+ positive ratings I've accumulated there.  
As my own shop is fairly new, it will take some time to catch up with the runaway success of my eBay venue.  

Below you can see a mix of different artworks I've made.  They are currently sorted by when they were made, but if you'd like to sort by type of art media, I will make that available as an alternate option soon.
At this point the page is still under construction, but progressing significantly.
You can click the following links to choose how to sort the artworks:
By year
By art medium
By size




2009 and earlier - college years

I've made a lot of handmade art over the years and I enjoy doing that.  If you want me to make a custom artwork for you, based on your own idea, you can check the big eBay link above.  I list a LOT of auctions there with custom made-to-order artworks in gouache, acrylic, oil pastel, pastel pencil, and colored pencil.  I've traditionally gone mostly with 12"x16" canvas sheets and 12" x 18" paper, but I have recently expanded to smaller and larger sizes.  These will be standardized as follows:  (micro) 4"x6", (tiny) "5"x7", (small) 9"x12", (medium) 12"x18", (large) 18"x24" and (huge) 24"x36".  There will be auctions starting at around $0.99 as usual on occasion, but also some longer-running fixed-price items.   Medium or smaller will be shipped in mailers, Large rolled into a tube.  If you're intrigued by the idea of having an artwork made for you, click this eBay link to browse my inexpensive items.

There is absolutely no reason not to order a handmade art item from me; my prices are very low, I offer a generous refund/return policy, and again, I have a solid reputation on eBay. So if you want a custom artwork made (perhaps as a gift to celebrate a special occasion, or as a decorative item in your home or apartment?) take a look at the shop.

Click HERE to browse my eBay listings. Or visit the Triumphant Artists Shop here and get great bargains that way!

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