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Note that the scope of the project is denoted by asterisks.  Each asterisk represents about 50 hours of work involved, and the green asterisks are, roughly, the part that is or was completed.  The games towards the end of this list are mostly minigames for this or other websites.

PANORAMIC WORLDS ****************** - A massive series of explorable fantasy worlds in varying styles, created in the Unity 5 game engine.

VIVID MINIGOLF ********* - A miniature golf game in which the graphics are made with scale models.

PRODIGAL ******* - Made with my dad for Galilee Games in 2009.  It's a retelling of the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son.  

WORLD PINBALL****** - A set of pinball tables inspired by different sections of the world.

ISOLA ******** - An old adventure game project I'm now looking at restructuring in realtime 3d using the experience gained from Panoramic Worlds.

SPIRAL SKIES **** - Ongoing mini-adventure game set on an alien planet, aiming for release on Kongregate, NewGrounds, Itch.IO, and

MADE TO ORDER MUSEUM ** - Product just launched on eBay.  It's a realtime 3d modern museum that people can order customized versions of on eBay, and have their own pictures (family photos, etc) inserted into the art frames.  

MINIATURE MULTIVERSE - Defunct precursor to 'Panoramic Worlds', allowing players to explore miniature art worlds in first-person view.
There was a Kickstarter I launched for this that failed miserably.

VORTEX **** - An eerie futuristic mind-bender of a game

TROOP 4: THE ADVENTURE GAME ***** - a silly third-person adventure based off of the legendary Houston scout troop.

Traveler's Enigma ****** - old, ambitious game project that became vaporware due to the discontinued game engine I was developing it in.

FANGAME PROJECTS ***** - some assorted stuff based on a classic adventure game series.

MISSIO DEI: THE GAME * - a tiny minigame that barely qualifies as anything.

SEQUESTERED SECRETS ** - A minigame I made for my family a couple years ago.

MINI RACING *** - Top-down racing game concept.  Falls into the same general category as 'Vivid Minigolf' insofar as it's a game with charming miniature-art graphics.

ROOM 108 PREVIS project* - A previz gig I did for a room redesign.  I might post it online someday.

CLONETASTROPHE *** - A mini-RTS I'm throwing together based on the old Send in The Clones video series.  I have a promising prototype.

MIND'S EYE * - A 2007 Flash presentation about mental illnesses made for a college course.

FAMILIAL CRISIS ** - A warped minigame RPGish thing about a family gone mad.

CHURCH PREVIS TOUR **** - A previs job done around 2006, with a 62-room proposed building modeled inside and out in 3d.  It was a ton of work.

WEIRDSCAPE ** - A short experimental platformer on an odd alien world.

HOUSE TREK: VOYAGES * - A simple scrolling shmup based on another old video series.

SCOUTER STAN & THE CURSE OF THE WERE-LLAMA *** - Not even starting this yet but it's a 'choose your own adventure' type comedy thing.

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