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These are not listed in any particular order.

PANORAMIC WORLDS - A massive series of explorable fantasy worlds in varying styles, created in the Unity 5 game engine. Likely 2019 onwards.

VIVID MINIGOLF 2 - A miniature golf game in which the graphics are made with O-scale models. Might see a simple release by early 2019 if things go well as recently described on the blog.

PRODIGAL - A small game made with my dad for Galilee Games in 2009.  It's a retelling of the Biblical parable of the Prodigal Son and it's one of the few games here that is actually released.  

WORLD PINBALL - A set of virtual pinball tables inspired by different sections of the world.

ISOLA - An old adventure game project I'm now looking at somehow restructuring in realtime 3d using the experience gained from Panoramic Worlds.

SPIRAL SKIES - Ongoing mini-adventure game project set on an alien planet.

MADE TO ORDER MUSEUM - Product launched on eBay that never took off but may yet be reworked using some new interactions in Unity and a launch on Itch.IO instead of eBay.    

MINIATURE MULTIVERSE - Precursor to 'Panoramic Worlds', allowing players to explore miniature art worlds in first-person view. It has recently been revived and is in active development, and it may well be my best shot at propelling all my other creative ventures forward at a vastly accelerated pace. There was a Kickstarter I launched for this that failed miserably in 2011, but in the end I'm getting it made regardless, over 5 years later. I'm aiming for some sort of release in December 2018 on Check out this Itch.IO link also:

VORTEX  - An eerie futuristic mind-bender of a game

TROOP 4: THE ADVENTURE GAME - a silly third-person adventure based off of the legendary Houston scout troop.

Traveler's Enigma  - old, ambitious game project that became vaporware due to the discontinued game engine I was developing it in.

FANGAME PROJECTS  - some assorted stuff based on a classic fantasy adventure game series.

MISSIO DEI: THE GAME - a tiny minigame that barely qualifies as anything.

SEQUESTERED SECRETS - A minigame I made for my family a couple years ago. Could be posted here if debugged.

MINI RACING - Top-down racing game concept I've tested out.  Has charming hand drawn graphics. Needs bug fixes.

ROOM 108 PREVIS project - A previz gig I did for a room redesign.  

REDEEMER BUILDING VIRTUAL TOUR - a 3d reconstruction of a now dismantled church building I grew up spending a lot of time in. The church members raised a reasonable amount of money in hopes I'd get this one done by mid 2018.

CLONETASTROPHE  - A mini-RTS I'm throwing together based on the old Send in The Clones video series.  I have a promising if simple prototype.

MIND'S EYE - A 2007 Flash presentation about mental illnesses made for a college course.

THE LORD OF THE RIGS: THE NATION OF HOUSTON, TEXAS  - Another Flash presentation during college.

HORNBOSTELIA  - A warped minigame RPGish thing about a family gone mad. Ended up as a board game and not interactive.

CHURCH PREVIS TOUR  - A previs job done around 2006, with a 62-room proposed building modeled inside and out in 3d.  It was a ton of work.

WEIRDSCAPE - A short experimental platformer on an odd alien world.

HOUSE TREK: VOYAGES - A simple scrolling shmup based on another old video series.

SCOUTER STAN & THE CURSE OF THE WERE-LLAMA - Not even starting this yet but it's a 'choose your own adventure' type comedy thing.

Also, here's a randomized link of my own for you: