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I've been known to occassionally draw comic books by hand on paper.
I can also use a wacom tablet, of course, but I haven't done much that way yet.

Boy Scout Troop 4 Comic books - These are on the unofficial Troop 4 website, and they are pretty funny and irreverent takes on the scouting program in general and Troop 4 specifically.

Redeemer Youth Group Comics - These old and very weird comics are on the Redeeemer Documentary website.

Another Road Taken - My newest series, a graphic novel set in an alternate-reality Earth. More thriller than comedy.  I've been meaning to post part one online for months and hopefully by August 2017, it will actually be uploaded here.

I'm using some [limited] ad slots again from Project Wonderful. Given the increasing quality and quantity of web traffic lately here, might actually be worth doing now. Below this message is a promotion from another website owner, unrelated to my own web network. I'm not responsible for anything on their sites, nor do I personally filter the ads that rotate through the slot, so good, bad, amazing, dumb, hilarious, crazy, questionable or otherwise, so don't credit/blame me for whatever link appears down there. I don't control other peoples' websites. Okay?