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FREE STOCK FOOTAGE - 50+ video clips!  Designed for compositors and mostly shot in front of bluescreen or black fireproof backgrounds. These collections have both download links for the full quality version, and .GIF previews below each link.

Old water effects, SD:

Old pyrotechnic effects, SD:

HD water effects:
HD Water FX

HD pyrotechnic elements:
HD Pyro

Debris effects:
Debris FX

Bonus pyro clips:
Bonus Pyro FX

3d-rendered digital pyro FX:
3d Pyro

Digital Particle FX:
Particle FX

3d-rendered fluid-simulated liquid FX:
3d Liquid

There was a bit of frustration surrounding these stock media collections - I tried selling all these collections of stock textures and stock footage together on DVD but generally nobody would buy them for more than a few cents on eBay.  That, of course, meant that mailing the stock media discs was a money-losing proposition, and although the few people who did buy gave me strong reviews, it wasn't a successful product line.  The breaking point came when I tried to give away copies of the disc to anyone who would respond to a poll that was open for thirty days.  Nobody at all voted in the poll, which in my view indicated that my product would never sell, nobody wanted it, and that I should give up on all attempts to sell it.  After some tears, a rough financial stretch, and a public meltdown on my Facebook page, I finally opted to release all my stock media for free on this website, in hopes that *eventually* it'd be generating enough ad revenue to break even and maybe even justify making more of it.  It's been freeware for a few years now, and so far is roughly 3% of the way to recouping the cost of making it in the first place.
Maybe it'll break even in a decade or two?  This was frustrating primarily because I put so much effort into this content and had been hoping it would sell well enough to allow me to complete my unfinished video and video game projects.  Though my stock media misfired badly, I'm happy that my handmade art sales and freelance gigs are starting to take off now.  So at least something is working... and now that I am accumulating a lot of positive ratings from customers, I am hopeful that there's hope for even the stock media as a category in the future. Future stock video collections will be $7.99 each on DVD or $3.99 as digital downloads, and will be recorded in 720p HD at 120 frames per second, as usual against solid compositable backgrounds. The first new batch will be a pack of 'zero gravity' explosions and that may show up here before too long. If the idea of cheap VFX elements appeals to you, bookmark this site and watch for the new content. Also, keep in mind the membership option; you can get access to the new stock media when it's released very cheaply as a member. And by very cheaply, I mean under a dollar. I encourage you to browse blog for more info.

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