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Articles Revised Main Page

Apologies for the delays and broken links. There are many pages of articles and it's taken me a while to write them all. Right now they're being systematically uploaded so by late tonight [late on August 5th, 2017] all the articles will hopefully be in position. From this page, you will soon be able to reach all of my articles, including almost a dozen new ones.

I'm testing some [limited] ad slots again for the next ten days, from Project Wonderful. Given the increasing quality and quantity of web traffic lately here, might actually be worth doing now. Below this message is a promotion from another website owner, unrelated to my own web network. I'm not responsible for anything on their sites, nor do I personally filter the ads that rotate through the slot, so good, bad, amazing, dumb, hilarious, crazy, questionable or otherwise, so don't credit/blame me for whatever link appears down there. I don't control other peoples' websites. Okay?