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Do you want your home to look even more amazing?
Nicely decorated?  A prettier, more appealing place to host parties and have fun with friends?
Do you want a unique, hand-drawn original work in vibrant oil pastel?

I'm launching a new handmade art collection on Etsy:

I am currently beginning the process of creating a wide range of original artwork to be sold through Etsy, along with prints and other handmade items.
 click this link to visit my Etsy shop.

My Etsy works are art pieces designed directly by me, one at a time, by hand, with careful attention to detail, using the skills I've developed through over a decade of painting, drawing, and learning from studio art courses.  The upside to buying one of the Etsy items is that you can see exactly what you'll get before buying.  

On the other hand, if you want a handmade artwork based on YOUR OWN idea, i.e. a commission, those are available on my eBay shop.


I'll be creating new artworks throughout 2017, items that depict different elements of the United States, like these two I've already sold:

I am an American and I love America.  The United States may not be perfect, and sure, there are things we can do better, but the country is beautiful, diverse, full of iconic scenes and gorgeous landscapes.
This showcase will feature much of what is amazing and remarkable about this country.

The staggeringly big collection of 45 oil-pastel artworks will focus on notable views across the United States, from East to West, sea to shining sea, divided into three batches of 15:

EAST COAST - Times Square.  Cape Cod.  The Everglades.  Capitol Hill.  The Statue of Liberty.  Niagara Falls.  The Liberty Bell.  History and memorable landmarks from the East Coast.

HEARTLAND - The Grand Canyon.  The French Quarter.  Yellowstone.  Mount Rushmore.  Chicago's Sears Tower.  The Gateway Arch and the Alamo.  A wide range of major icons fill out this second set of fifteen.  

WEST COAST - The Golden Gate Bridge.  Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.  Mount Denali in Alaska.  The Vegas Strip.  The Space Needle.  Hollywood.  Crater Lake.  Yosemite.  A lot is fascinating along the West Coast too!


The original pastel art items on paper, are shipped in tubes to customers at $36 each, and that's quite fair given their size and visual appeal.  (18"x24".)


But for most of you, the real appeal, the accessible, affordable option, will be the postcards I print on cleanly cut high-quality white glossy cardstock, one set of 15 postcards for $9.99, all 45 for $23.99, not especially cheap but when you consider that shipping is included free and that these are items I'm printing based on an ambitious list of 45 total handcrafted items, it's a pretty decent idea.

I will concede that this is, in my mind, not only a fun side project with broad appeal, it's also potentially lucrative by my modest standards, at around $5 or $6 earned per hour worked - I could make up to $1620.00 selling the originals and an unknown but possibly substantial amount over time with the prints.  

You could wind up with an aesthetically impressive assortment of imagery in postcard form.  Postcards are not commonly used in the modern era.  I realize that.  
You could collect these purely for the visual appeal.  You may not even want this for yourself - it might be a gift.

Perhaps you're not going to visit all these places, and you want to imagine that you're there, or make others imagine that you were.

And if you send them to family or friends, you'd be choosing to send messages, personal handwritten messages even, by mail, at a time when the USPS is in trouble, because nobody uses paper mail anymore.  But I think that's just the point.  There's a personal quality to this, a nostalgic and thoughtful element that comes with writing a message by hand and being just a little old-fashioned.

There's something we're in danger of losing in the information age.  Maybe it's human connection.  Maybe the tangible printed image, words on paper.  Maybe it's America itself, because for all we know it might not thrive in the future or even ultimately survive the economic problems it faces.  But looking back at the history of this nation, how far we've progressed, how much there is to admire in it, its history, its people, and its role, for better or worse, in the world.  We may gripe about politics or misguided and excessive interventions by the USA, but I suspect that if this country vanished tomorrow, the world would become a far worse place for it.


I'm not going to say I'm an ideal representation of America.  There are thousands people overseas who've seen my work and not everyone likes it.  There've been some valid and observant critiques, especially of my earlier work.  I appreciate that you all took the time to help me improve.  I also appreciate the history and heritage of your region too.  There's so much to admire about the world we share, not just my country.  I would love to address the weaknesses in my creative efforts, get better at what I'm doing and perhaps expand beyond this collection to others.  Wouldn't it be grand to make, say, art collections, even bigger than this, for Europe?  For Asia?  For all the other regions of the Earth, too?

If this succeeds, if I put it out there and put my heart and my best effort into it, maybe it'lll be just the beginning.  I'd love to make more than this, because I love the creative process.  And if this is a successful series, which I hope it will be, it could have ripple effects - expanding other projects also.  Videos and games, comedy, science fiction, fantasy, and other genres.

Maybe if things go well enough, we'll even see some truly massive charitable efforts on my part, and creative works much more immense and compelling than anything I've yet attempted.  Could happen.  In fact, it probably will - I have high hopes for the future and active, efficient strategies to realize those hopes.  Just watch.  Things are about to get really interesting around here.

I will benefit by being positioned to make my best work yet.

You'll be the audience that enjoys that work as it improves each year.

You could even have your own piece of that creative work sitting physically in your hands, decorating your walls, given to a friend or someone you love, well before things take off and attention here goes through the roof.  Because it will.  I am all but certain it will.

Visit my eBay shop or Etsy shop today!

Incidentally, if you're in the greater Houston area, please check out my booth at the Vineyard Art Market when December rolls around and that event takes place. Or, if you don't want any of the items I'm selling there, you can buy something through this link (Full disclosure - it's an affiliate link, so I get a tiny percentage of any sales made through it.  But it is a way you could support my work a little bit while also buying just about any item you can think of at's regular low prices):

I have added product lines on the way - including affordable miniature buildings for model railroaders, and other handcrafted items, but you can also hire me as a VFX artist, 3d animator, web designer, Photoshop artist, cartoon animator, game level creator/environment artist, previz artist, or video editor.  My rates are very competitive and I can perform a wide range of tasks at low cost.   If you want to hire me, email me using the email address on the Contact Info page.

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