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After more than a year on Etsy I have yet to sell a single item there. As a result, my Etsy shop is now CLOSING and all the items that were there are now being auctioned on eBay - right now, January 2018.

I will no longer direct anyone to my Etsy shop as it's shutting down. The Etsy link on [along with this page] are still around but won't be for much longer.

The items that I had attempted to sell on Etsy were art pieces designed directly by me, one at a time, by hand, with careful attention to detail, using the skills I've developed through over a decade of painting, drawing, and learning from studio art courses.  The upside to buying one of the Etsy items was that you could see exactly what you'd get before buying.  

While the Etsy shop is now closed, it may still be possible to grab the items that were there, if you hurry over to my eBay shop. If you want a handmade artwork based on YOUR OWN idea, i.e. a personalized work, those are available on my eBay shop too.

For prints you might want to visit my official shop, which has some amazing bargains and unique product options found nowhere else, and will include prints and posters, T-Shirts, etc, within the next few months.

Consider a painting or pastel art piece as an affordable gift for a family member, friend, or loved one to commemorate and celebrate a special occasion. Or as a way to decorate your home or apartment and make it look amazing. If you've got any reason at all to buy an artwork, this is a good opportunity. And even if not, you may still want to bookmark this site and keep it in mind for later.

Finally, if you are unlikely to ever buy handmade art [for whatever reason] but do like the idea of seeing my games or videos being completed, you have a few helpful options of quick things you can do that'll make a big impact on my production efforts, listed on this page. But right now mostly the best ideas include grabbing something from the flood of items I'm listing on eBay, or buying Miniature Multiverse shortly after launch.

I also have added product lines on the way - including affordable miniature buildings for model railroaders, and other handcrafted items, but you can also hire me as a VFX artist, 3d animator, web designer, Photoshop artist, cartoon animator, game level creator/environment artist, previz artist, or video editor.  My rates are very competitive and I can perform a wide range of tasks at low cost.   If you want to hire me, email me using the email address on the Contact Info page

I'm using some [limited] ad slots again from Project Wonderful. Given the increasing quality and quantity of web traffic lately here, might actually be worth doing now. Below this message is a promotion from another website owner, unrelated to my own web network. I'm not responsible for anything on their sites, nor do I personally filter the ads that rotate through the slot, so good, bad, amazing, dumb, hilarious, crazy, questionable or otherwise, so don't credit/blame me for whatever link appears down there. I don't control other peoples' websites. Okay?