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MATTHEW'S VIDEO PRODUCTIONS (2001 to present day)

I've been making indie videos for a decade and a half.  They're usually silly, with big action sequences, and explosive visual effects.  I've signed agreements with some of the actors in those videos, but not all of them.  If you were in one of my videos, and you'd like to see them online (and would like a share of their success if they take off) please contact me through the 'INFO FOR ACTORS' link at the bottom of the page.  I think the cast members in these videos generallly have fallen into four categories: myself only, friends, family, and troop 4 boy scouts.

Me only: House Trek 1-6, the first "Send in the Clones", "Relativity", and some other short art videos.

Friends:  This category includes videos like the 'Send in the Clones" series, "Tinyville Disaster 1 & 2", "Sabotage 757", "Super Soda", "The Annoying Magician!", "Church of Explosions & Mayhem", "Zombie Demon Nazis From Uranus!", "Eutopia", "Star Frigate One", "Video Heist", "Averting Apocalypse", and "Duel 2030".

Family: "Snow Siege", "Matthew's Portal", "Sleepwalker", "Full Circle", "Fortress Siege 1 & 2", "1999", "Globe", "Fairbanks Field Trip", "House Trek: The Next Generation".

Boy Scout Troop 4: Troop 4 Uncensored 1-3, God & Country Flying Circus, Troop 4 TV Seasons 1-3.


I'm determined to get all of this content online, and the first batch will be posted in just a few weeks.  I am now prepared to take some minor legal risks in order to get these videos on the web, but I'd much rather have all, 100%, of the cast members' agreement beforehand that the videos can be posted on the internet.  That said, while mostly this has not been problematic, a few of you are proving impossible to contact, much less get a signature from, which means I may be forced at some point, to modify and then upload the videos without 100% of your signed digital talent release forms.  That's risky for me (I could be sued) and for you (you might be in an online video without knowing it) but your (won't name names but some of you have been unresponsive) persistent lack of willingness to respond to my requests for a signature pretty much brought us to this point. If you're unreachable, can't or won't sign, or whatever, I will try to excise you from the project in some way, depending on the situation maybe removing scenes, or if the scene is plot essential, possibly crediting you under a pseudonym (fake name) and blurring out your face a little. If there were some case like this where someone major whose role is critical to the video, and they won't or can't sign, the video might never make it online at all.
Another issue has been hard drives that are nonfunctional as a result of the far-too-fast move from Texas to Pennsylvania. I a at the moment lacking 40% of my data, and we'll see what can and can't be recovered, but... some major in-progress video projects [about seven of them] like 'Fortress Siege 2' & 'Tinyville Disaster 2' look like they may be utterly crippled by this if the data is not successfully recovered. This doesn't even consider other efforts hanging in the balance, like some game fan art projects, and some of my own game dev efforts which now might be doomed to never see the light of day. I don't know how costly the data recovery will be in practice, or if it's possible at all... but it is likely to be a cost in the hundreds or thousands of dollars at this point, and for now I'm not sure it can be fully covered.

This said, anything that got finished prior to the move is pretty much safe; all my completed videos basically are archived on flash or SD card media that made it unharmed.

Any assistance with regards to this is extremely helpful; I particularly advise you all to visit My Itch.IO page and buy something there if you want to help.


All of my videos will be online by late 2018 one way or another, and many of them much sooner than that.

I also am working on a string of new projects in addition to the old ones.  They are listed here by progress:

Production is complete, partway through post production:
"1999", "Globe", "Averting Apocalypse", "Tinyville Disaster 2", "Real Americans", "Fortress Siege 2", "The Annoying Magician!"

Production partially complete:
"Fairbanks Field Trip", "House Trek: The Next Generation Seasons 1 & 2"

Production not yet underway, but a script and plans exist:

The video projects, as they're revised and cleaned up, are starting to be posted on


Preview of my video projects

HERE IS A TRAILER FOR THE RERELEASE OF MY OLD AND VERY CHEESY "HOUSE TREK" SERIES OF VIDEOS, COMPLETE WITH NEW VFX AND SOUND DESIGN. This video is not meant to infringe on any IPs and is not a fan film as such, it's its own stupid little thing, badly going where other more coherent sci-fi series had already been before.  
All the audio in the videos I make has been legally licensed or recorded myself. Same goes for other content, it's all 100% legal, or at least trying extremely hard to be, and I'm pretty sure I haven't actually infringed on anyone's IP.

Watch for all of the eight short videos in this series to wind up online RIGHT HERE over the next few weeks, and on DVD in my shop for anybody who actually wants that. (Five of them are already online, plus some other videos I've made! Seriously, look at HORNBOSTELVIDEOS.COM now to see all my online video stuff!)

 Note that in addition to my ordinary narrative video productions which I'm working towards releasing safely & legally, I also have launched a vlog (video blog) channel on and on YouTube.  Once every 2-4 weeks I'll be adding a new video entry to the list, in which I discuss what I'm currently working on and show some bits of preview material.

   Here are my vlog entries on YouTube.


Also, here's a randomized link of my own for you: