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If you actually care enough about my projects to be reading this page, then thank you.

I don't want to exploit you or anything absurd like that.  

I don't want to do anything that will cost you a bunch of time or money or anything of that sort.

Your time is valuable and your cash is valuable.

You are valuable.

So as far as my shops are concerned, I am trying to provide outstanding service and high-quality items that are actually worth purchasing.
I'm also trying to take the cash I raise from those items and pour it into a lot of cool things online, most of them free.

Not just free, in the tainted 'free-to-play' or freemium sense where the game is essentially a broken grinding mess unless you spend money, but genuinely free.

I've even removed third-party ads from my sites recently.  So almost every part of my network is now ad-free, save for a few ads for my own shops, plus occasional ads on YouTube.

It makes sense to replace the ads that used to be here with my own shop links regardless; 96% of my web-network revenue is from selling items, not from ads anyway, so it makes a lot of sense to double down on what is actually working.

Anything I'm making as a result of my shops, I will do my best to give back to others, whether it's my online audience who are looking for entertainment, the actors and others who contributed to my projects, my family members and parents who raised me, or just people who need help (even though I'm on a tight budget, I do a bit of charitable giving to charities that have a verifiable, measurable impact on peoples' lives.  I use a couple of recommended ranking systems like GiveWell that accurately assess the impact of different charities.) You can learn more about my values, beliefs, and weak spots as a vendor and human being in this part of the articles section.

That said, I've assembled a [newly revised] list of a dozen ways that this web network can take off in the next few months, with your help.

IDEA #1:

 Joining my newsletter.  I have four email lists I send updates to via MailChimp - Friends, Family, Troop 4, and Online.
The Online email list is for people all over the world who I've never met in person but who are interested in following my projects. If you wish to be added to my mailing list, use this link:
I want to join the Triumphant Artists mailing list.
I'm also making my own email address accessible on the Triumphant Artists forums, so you can reach me.  It isn't a 'one-way street' communication wise. You absolutely can begin a conversation on those forums!

IDEA #2:  

FOLLOW ON SOCIAL MEDIA.  Again, I've got the social media links on the social media page.  You can follow me and share my better posts, if you so choose.  Try following me on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest or Google+.  I also have a YouTube channel you can subscribe to.  These are great ways to keep up to date with what I'm releasing.

IDEA #3:

You could bookmark this site and check it occasionally, and that's a great idea, though not as good as being a follower on social media or on an email list, simply because if you're on those lists you can be notified when a major release occurs, and not be just guessing, dropping by at random times in hopes that a new game or video was recently posted.  I also have a WordPress blog, which you can subscribe to via RSS.  That lets you be notified of new posts.

IDEA #4:

 Contribute comments, questions, suggestions, or ideas on the forum & blog and forum, so long as they aren't spammy.  It is looking very empty there lately and interactions there might be worthwhile.  YouTube comments are welcome too as long as they aren't overtly nasty to anyone.

IDEA #5:

BUY SOMETHING COOL I AM SELLING from eBay, OR HIRE ME FOR A SPECIFIC CREATIVE JOB.  I often work for under $5/hour, and it kind of varies based on how much demand there is for my work.  As I gain a reputation on eBay, which is starting to happen, my rates will generally tend to go up slightly.  This means that if you make it a point to buy something or hire me to do something, in the next few months, you'll get an extraordinary bargain, whereas a year or two from now it'll still be a great deal but not AS GOOD.

IDEA #6:

Browse my Etsy shop.  There's some great handcrafted content there, and even more is on the way.

IDEA #7:

 Become a contributor of content to this website.  There's a possibility of reaching out and becoming a social connection and acting in one of my videos when that's going on if you are in the Houston, Texas area, and I'd like to have a few more people - especially friendly, reliable people who can show up on time, on a list that I could contact if a role comes up that fits.  I will warn of course that unless things grow substantially here, the pay will be minimal.  But then again, I am paid very little myself per hour, and most of what I earn goes into projects like these, so I'm not asking you to do anything I don't do myself.  See this blog post, for further information.  If you're an expert in some field such as game design or video production or web design, it's also possible you could submit an article for inclusion on the articles page, or you could submit a visual artwork (or a set of 3-5 artworks in image form, for inclusion in some subsection of the Still Art section.)  In all of these cases, pay is minimal unless the site takes off, in which case whatever revenue the page featuring your content raises, goes mostly to you.  We can discuss this sort of stuff but it helps if you are either a personal connection or someone who produces work that I think is generally credible and good quality.  If you can send me an email and you are willing to submit content that's fairly good, I will probably create a page on this site to showcase it.

IDEA #8:

Embed videos from my YouTube channel somewhere else, or link to them from elsewhere. Or you could link to my videos page or some other page on  Your blog, your social media feed, etc.  Right now I mostly just have 'vlog' entries but over time I'll be posting a bunch of old and new videos that are genuinely entertaining (and visually impressive) scripted content.  The more that video content is disseminated and the more people like it, the more viable my video channels become in general and the more video material I'll be able to release.

IDEA #9:

 BROWSE MY WORDPRESS SHOP.  I am posting a lot of shop items on a WooCommerce-based SSL-secured shop integrated with WordPress.  You can buy items from my shop on Wordpress, and you can also become an affiliate of my shop and claim 7.5% of all sales you deliver to my shop, or join my rewards program while shopping and earn points by shopping on the shop, or sharing the shop on social media.   

IDEA #10:


I'm an affiliate, a LinkShare affiliate, and I have an account on eBates.  This means that if you buy things you were considering buying somewhere anyway, from through the link, or one of the other retailer banners on this page right below here, I am paid a tiny percentage of that purchase value as a payment for 'advertising' and delivering a sale to them.  Same with the Sony, Microsoft, and GameStop links via the LinkShare program.  Or if you join eBates for free, both you and I will get paid something for it if you set up a free account there (email address and password).  Basically eBates promotes a list of major online retailers like Target, Walmart, & eBay [though the cashback percentages vary by department in many cases], and in exchange those retailers offer discounts on any shopping done on their sites through the links on the eBates site.  On some stores you can get up to 15% cash back on purchases.  Plus they offer you an extra $10 cashback after you spend your first $25 through there.  

It's like a modern online equivalent of those old coupon books you've seen sold as a fundraising method where the coupon savings are potentially worth a hundred times the price of the book, but in practice many of them are not stores you actually care about or have nearby.  eBates is like that except you don't have to pay anything for the coupons - it's free to join - and all the stores are online so driving somewhere you can actually use the coupon is not an issue.


Sony Creative Software Inc. MicrosoftGameStop, Inc.


Create an eBates account!

These are all deals involving real, major retailers.  This is not any sort of cheating or misleading gimmick or anything like that.  You can verify for yourself elsewhere that none of these three programs I've selected are scams.  They are, however, a way to buy stuff at a standard price from well-known online stores, and be sure that one or both of us benefited and got a bit back from the purchase.  

IDEA #11:  

BECOMING A SUBSCRIBING PREMIUM MEMBER ON HORNBOSTELPRODUCTIONS.COM. This is a subscription of $4.99 a year, which grants you 18% or more off everything on the shop as long as you are a member. There are also a few other benefits of membership described here.

IDEA #12:  

GIVING ME FEEDBACK ON WHAT YOU WANT TO SEE MORE OF. There is a poll page which allows you to rate my creative projects category by category on a scale of 1 to 10, showing how much or how little you are interested in that. The page also has some really awesome perks on it, so as dull as it looks visually, it's worth a look. Here's the polling page.

I'm using some [limited] ad slots again from Project Wonderful. Given the increasing quality and quantity of web traffic lately here, might actually be worth doing now. Below this message is a promotion from another website owner, unrelated to my own web network. I'm not responsible for anything on their sites, nor do I personally filter the ads that rotate through the slot, so good, bad, amazing, dumb, hilarious, crazy, questionable or otherwise, so don't credit/blame me for whatever link appears down there. I don't control other peoples' websites. Okay?