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This concept formed in 2011-2012, at least as a workable game design and narrative, but the core twist is much much older, and actually the central concept dates back to '07 when it was a rejected one-sheet game idea at a University of Houston class.  They thought my other idea was better, but I liked both ideas a lot.

So what is it?  It's an intricate, vast maze-like death trap - a game which pushes the boundaries of the 'escape the room' category out into something far more interesting and not so easy to identify as part of any single game genre.

The VORTEX was to be your doom, you see - it was made for you by one of the millions of people who resent your monolithic corporation and your trillion-dollar net worth.
Someone like you, perhaps, who has exploited people across the dying planet Earth and bought out their government representatives, deserves this fate?

Now you must fight your way out of the labyrinth and find your way to personal redemption.

Enter the VORTEX!

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