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Watch for this to show up on my eBay shop in a few days.  It's a modern museum structure in realtime 3d, in the Unity 5 engine.

The idea is as follows:  The winning bidder sends a predetermined number of pictures or photos to me, some mix of landscape, portait, and square shape, and I drop those photos into the level to replace the 'Placeholder' textures.  So it is a customized 3d art gallery of your family photos shipped to you on DVD for $9.99 at most, and often less.

Other options might be included as well, like changing the wall colors (red, blue, dark green, pastel green, tan, dark brown, cyan, ochre, white, black, pink, orange, or purple) the sky texture (sunset, night, or day) and changing the text on the banner hanging over the entrance.  (There's no banner in these screenshots just as there's no glass in the windows, but there will be by the time the level is completed)

There's also the possibility of filtering your photos to make them look more like they belong in the gallery - if you want them to look like paintings I can do that for you using Akvis ArtWork, a program that has one of the more realistic looking paint filters available.

Museum screenshots


There's also the more ambitious and somewhat more expensive option of my creating an entire standalone level from scratch for you - I can do that and I have listings of that nature on eBay as well, along with the handmade artwork auctions.
 Custom levels from me, unlike the big game studios, are priced in the $50 range instead of $50,000 - and can be as low as $15 for a small, less detailed level.

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