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Tip #1: Choose appropriate screen size.

I advise you to set a browser screen width between 720 and 1600 pixels (px) for best results. I've attempted to make the site functional on many systems, but things will distort unpleasantly at very narrow or very wide widths. Note that many mobile devices with high-density displays (like iOS Retina display) will double the size of everything on the web in width and height, to make the text more legible. In practice this means a fourth generation iPhone will format this site such that it looks like it's 480x320 and not 960x640 (resulting in convoluted formatting). For this reason, I strongly suggest viewing this website fullscreen on a larger screen than a phone if possible.

Tip #2: Use a modern browser and a few key plugins.

You will want a browser that is recent, up to date, and able to play HTML5 content, including browser-based games with WebGL, and .mp4 video files. (Google Chrome, Safari, or Firefox, for example) I will also advise installing a video player able to handle .mp4 with the h.264 codec like Quicktime [or] Flash Player. This should allow you to view all video and audio clips, and 2d and 3d games on my websites, but note that in the case of 3D games, most are aimed at desktop systems only, not mobile, so you'll need a Windows, Mac OS X, or Linux system to play not only the 2d BUT ALSO the high-end 3D games I plan to release. There is, however, one 2D mobile game on old site that runs on Android only, and that's the sole exception to the rule that desktop operating systems are preferable.