Welcome to TriumphantArtists.com! This site and some others connected to it showcase the creative work of indie artist Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, including videos, indie games, and traditional handmade art, among other content.

So feel free to look around and enjoy what I've posted here. You'll find a wide range of creative things - things that are entertaining, fun, beautiful, exciting, and useful!

The banner links at the bottom of each page include links to my own webpages, links to my storefronts/shops online, and occasional links to other [third-party] verifiably legitimate stores and services I've hand-picked, vetted, and used myself. 
That said, I'll openly disclose that when you buy something from another vendor using these links, for example, a link to Amazon.com, I will get a small fraction of the sale amount and will use that as a means of supporting and expanding the projects I'm working on here. These ads for other vendors, as well as - especially! - links to my own shops, are helping me keep these sites online and growing with new content on a more frequent basis.