WORLD PINBALL is going to be a classic pinball minigame thing with a few different sets based on various places around the world. It's not far along, kind of stuck on the backburner, but I did do a little prototype in Construct 2 a few years back and am sure the interactions will work out fine.

Watch for that to be a possible focus by 2021, especially likely to be higher priority if Vivid Minigolf v2 proves to be a success at the end of 2020.

Here is a view of that old prototype proof-of-concept which hasn't been debugged fully or made into a full game. The proof of concept setup was Texas-themed.

If I make a full version 'World Pinball' it'd be like Easely, in that an SD version would be free for players, embedded in a web browser, with an optional $1 standalone higher-res fullscreen variant available for Mac/Windows/Linux.
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