"EASELY" is a small experimental minigame headed to Itch.IO.

It's the story of an artist who, when painting onto a canvas, can walk through the canvas into the world that has been painted.

But his teleportation ability has drawn concern from the art school staff and they've locked him up in a small room. 

How will he escape? Easel-y.

The design of the game is short, with a relatively limited gameworld, but it's realtime 3d, with all the textures actually painted. Like, literally, all the texture art in the game is made with art paper, a brush, and acrylic paint.

And there's some interesting stuff in the story too, not just a pretty art style.
The game isn't long, but it'll be freeware and it will have several potential endings.

If you want to support me on the future Easely Itch.IO page, after release, tips are optional, and any tip of $1 or more will give access to an HD version of the texture art in the game, so there's that. 

The models and core design for Easely are already in place but the texture art is not going forward much yet. I'll get this done at some point though. 

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