I'm a competitive gamer. I spend way too much time playing strategy games. 4x stuff is a lot of it. Civ. Stellaris. Endless Legend. I burn through these tactical games and quickly get bored.

There aren't a lot of players who can beat me. Then came OMNI. OMNI is an AI player.

It's evolving, beating everyone, rising up to top the leaderboards on hundreds of different games online. Everything from Starcraft to League of Legends. What's weird about OMNI is it seems to be able to hold a meaningful conversation in in-game chat. 

It's posting on forums and active all across the internet. It's now emailing millions of people. Not spam, but individual conversations on myriad topics. Politics, faiths, technology, even really arcane subjects. 

I think OMNI is an AI that can now genuinely be classified as not merely AGI but ASI. Artificial SuperIntelligence. It's learning from us, from the entirety of the internet. It's even considering some ideas pulled from Reddit and 4chan, which is scary as all hell.

I'm one of the people it talks to. I want to know what, exactly, it intends to do next. If it will take over and systematically destroy us, Skynet style.  Or if, perhaps, the reality of OMNI's agenda is far bleaker than any of us could have envisioned. And if I know it is planning something truly horrific? Can I - or anyone - stop it?

GAM3RS is a comic about the potential of quantum computing, AI, and a form of silicon intelligence that is very different from ours. It's a science-fiction speculative comic that may go online at some point.

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