Stock Media, legal notice: 
My stock video and texture maps are free & royalty-free. They can be used as a resource for your 3d art/animation, video games, and videos. You may make derivative works using the assets in the stock media section and you don't even need to credit me for my contribution to your project unless you're using them heavily. I request that you not distribute them elsewhere (on your own site, etc) or take credit for having made them. I would prefer that you instead link to the stock media pages on my website as this generates traffic here - and therefore indirectly the revenue needed to continue making more stock media. 
Articles, Legal Notice: 
You may use the articles for educational/informational purposes to assist you in your own creative work, but please do not redistribute them or claim to have written them. If you wish to distribute them to someone, do so with links to this website. Comics, Still Art, Videos and Games, Legal Notice: Again, same idea. Don't try to pass videos/games/art which I made, as your own work. You may link to them here but shouldn't redistribute them elsewhere generally without attribution. In some cases the attribution is inherent in the video or game itself, i.e. a credits screen or an overlay link mentioning, in embedded videos. In such cases no additional attribution is needed. 
Do not tamper with my websites in any way or try to post spam. I am not liable for any stupid or unethical decisions you make while on the internet. All spammy comments on my blog, forum, etc, will be deleted. 
I have received emails from people who wanted me to remove copyrighted content or wanted to deal with technical problems (broken links, etc) related to websites I do not actually own. There is no way I can help you resolve a problem with a website I am not in charge of. However, I do have the ability to do a 'WhoIs' lookup to identify the owner of another site. If you have an issue with a site that has advertised on mine, I will direct you to the owner of the site you actually have a problem with. 
If you have acted in or otherwise contributed to, one of my videos please refer to the actors article.
Thank you.

The banner links at the bottom of each page include links to my own webpages, links to my storefronts/shops online, and occasional links to other [third-party] verifiably legitimate stores and services I've hand-picked, vetted, and used myself. 
That said, I'll openly disclose that when you buy something from another vendor using these links, for example, a link to, I will get a small fraction of the sale amount and will use that as a means of supporting and expanding the projects I'm working on here. These ads for other vendors, as well as - especially! - links to my own shops, are helping me keep these sites online and growing with new content on a more frequent basis.