At one point during my T, Z, and N-scale (1:450, 1:220, and 1:160) miniature buildings and scenery experiments on Shapeways [a 3d printing service], I - just for fun - drafted this insanely elaborate design for a condensed T-scale version of Texas, my home state, complete with the landmarks of all the major cities, any city with over 100k residents would be represented in this 15-ft. wide miniature diorama. 
It would've taken an insane amount of time and cash($7500+) to actually do this, so of course I'm not going forward with it or anything like it, ever. At the time I made this absurd plan, I was launching a (ultimately unsuccessful) line of miniature buildings on Shapeways. The shop there is now closed, but I continue to retain the web domain NscaleScenery.com for possible future use.
Since then, I've come up with a far more practical and cost-effective way to mass-produce correctly-scaled miniature buildings, one which avoids 3d printing entirely. That may yet become a new product line by early 2021- if things go well enough here to make it happen. 

Note: If my (also miniature related) project 'Miniature Multiverse' turns out to be reasonably successful, this could really happen [among many other cool things!] A new product line would still be showcased in some manner using a local model railroad set. The product line could include customized kits, maybe even a premium 'designed to order' kit for those wishing to recreate a specific real-world structure for, say, a school diorama. I've done so quite effectively for one family member, by shipping a set with instructions for recreating the 'Old Red' courthouse in Dallas, TX. Images of that one-off building kit example, and a possible layout showcase design that could contain dozens of building kits, are shown below. 
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