I have developed a clever and dirt-cheap method of crafting miniature buildings at T, Z, N, HO, O, and other [larger] scales, and am hopefully only a few months away from being able to launch my new line of model railroading products. Unlike the 3d-printed designs, these ones will usually cost no more than $15 each, including shipping. 
The new buildings are not all 3d printed - they're built from clay, that is pressed into silicone molds made using 3d-printed modular shapes as a base 'one off' design, with 300dpi color-printed paper printed and layered onto the clay surface to match the contours. The initial product line will be in N scale, but if it proves popular I'll expand the line to include more scales and more building designs. I think the new method could be highly successful, insofar as it has far lower materials cost than 3d-printing each and every building in full-color sandstone as was the case for older attempts. 
The first major showcase for these products, incidentally, will likely be in the ambitious upcoming sequel to 2003's "Tinyville Disaster", "Tinyville Disaster 2: Micropocalypse" [2021] which will feature numerous stop-motion animation elements, plus other miniature setpieces and some miniature effects shot at up to 240 fps. Of particular relevance is the wide-view city of Tinyville, which is being built at N scale [1:160 scale] and is planned to contain *dozens* of miniature buildings. Many of these buildings will also be used for an experimental and weirdly creepy short that leans into the unnerving qualities of stop-motion and chooses eerie horror over comedy, called "Real Americans". 
You'll be able to see the products when relaunches with a new design. But that may depend largely on success elsewhere with projects like 'Vivid Minigolf v2' and 'Miniature Multiverse', both of which I intend, or at least hope, to have launched online by the end of 2020.

If you want to see some of the older 3d-printed efforts (T scale versions anyway) here's a shoddy diorama I made to hold them, one that was about the size of a standard sheet of printer paper.

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