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How Triumphant Artists might accelerate production dramatically in the next year, and why that might not last:

Right now, there's an extraordinary opportunity for growth on my web network. Primarily, it's due to freelance work that is unrelated to my websites or my stores/shops. Simply put, I've been doing a lot of fairly tedious freelance work in order to complete the work I actually care about, the stuff you're seeing - or soon will be - on my web network. About 75% of the freelancing, however, the most consistent and reliable 75%, is transcription work over the internet at rates that amount to a bit below minimum wage. It's hardly thrilling but it has been allowing me to keep the other stuff afloat and move things forward. I'm in a position where I should have somewhere over $2500 in discretionary income in the next 12 months from this, and in theory if the work is sustained like this for the next three years, I may be able to finish all of my currently active creative projects. That's the good news. The bad news is that the availability of transcription work is, like dozens of types of work from driving to surgery, being steadily automated. It's unlikely there'll actually be any of these gigs left in three years, because ANI (artificial narrow intelligence) will have gained a level of language comprehension accuracy close enough to human to justify replacing human labor in this field.

So, my basic aim is to keep that going as long as the work is available, and - hopefully - leverage that modest influx of capital to launch a few new product lines, expand or improve the existing ones, and ideally lay the groundwork for things like my eBay shop, my Etsy shop, and my own independent Hornbostel Productions shop, to grow in sales volume and pick up the slack as the transcription work evaporates over the course of 2018 to early or mid 2019.

Here's my rough target roadmap for 2017-2018, as I imagine it:

Late 2017 Launches: 'Spiral Skies' / Another Road Taken and new Troop 4 comics made available / video channel with a first batch of 12-15 videos / Minigames, including a simple platformer, pinball minigame, top-down racing game / Vivid Minigolf reassembled in Construct 2 / Major milestones acheived on two things I agreed to do, a fan art project I began in 2014, and an architectural virtual tour / House Trek DVD release as sale item, Museum product variants launched/ Surpassing 225 positive ratings on eBay and ideally gaining my first handful of Etsy sales.

Early 2018 Launches: Another dozen videos on video channel / Newly complete Vivid MiniGolf course [back nine] / Substantial progress on 'Panoramic Worlds' including trailer, etc / Miniature floral and building product lines as sale products / new, high-end stock media collections as sale products/ Aiming for 300+ ratings on eBay and ratings building up on Etsy and HornbostelProductions shop.

Late 2018 launches: Many more videos released, some video DVD products too / Panoramic Worlds actual release / More premium quality stock media collections / Isola pt. 1 moves forward, reworked realtime 3d in Unity engine / Using my content released by this point to begin landing freelance video/vfx/3d work / Aim for 450+ eBay ratings.

2019: Most or all of my indie video library from 2001-2019 available to watch online / All of Isola released / other expansion of my games and videos and so on, that I cannot predict at this time.

Essentially, I am cautiously optimistic that things will work out here. And if they do, the cast of my videos and other creative projects stand to benefit from that. I describe the plans for payment to actors and other contributors in this post on my blog.

I'd also appreciate it if you'd look at the list of things that you can do to support this effort and - if all goes well - all of these releases, some of which will be quite affordably priced, and many of them available entirely for free.