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You can reach Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, the founder of this network of websites, via his current work email
or via the old personal email

There was a TriumphantArtists specific email address here at one point, but not much ended up being sent there except the occasional spam message.
If your email from you looks like spam, it may be deleted.

I only want you to send messages that are relevant to me, my projects, and my websites.

So - I'm letting you all email me, and maybe you will want me to email you as well when a major release occurs here:

If you wish to be added to my mailing list, use this link:
I want to join the Triumphant Artists mailing list.
I send out emails via MailChimp, on occasion.  I don't notify you to every little change but if something big happens I will let those on the mailing list know.
I'm working on some cool things so this is a great way for you to be notified when a major release occurs.  I won't spam you with too many emails, and I won't sell your email address to anyone.  Also, you can unsubscribe at any time and your email address will be removed from my mailing list.

I get that many of you may not want to be on the mailing list, and maybe would prefer a social-media connection.  I have Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ accounts listed below.  If you'd like to follow me on any of those services or share something here that you like, that'd be great too.  I post updates on social media platforms every now and then.

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