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I, Matthew Lyles Hornbostel, am trying to ensure that all the people who assisted as actors in my various projects, or allowed us to use their locations, are okay with the resulting videos being placed online, and agree to terms when the videos and their roles in them, do go on the internet.  
Simply put, if you or your property were in one of my videos, you should absolutely contact me with this link:
I contributed to one of your projects <-email me!!!

About a hundred people have acted for me over the years so tracking you all down is not going to be easy.  It'd be much appreciated if you came to me first.

Some of the people who have already signed on (literally signed individual documents with a signature) include myself and:
-Michael Davis  -Salvador Nava  -Joshua Davis  -Paul Tenney  -Lani Cour-Palais  -Jason Lindsey

...but the more of you I can get onboard, the more of my videos can be transitioned onto the web.
Many of you want that and have been asking for that for years.   This is how we do it though - we're being above-board here.

Which means all of you who have not yet done so, need to confirm you're ready for this stuff to be posted on the internet, and that you are okay with a fair division of any revenue generated by each project.

I have shifted the signature method to the (legally binding and verifiable) digital solution EsignGenie, and will be sending out e-signature documents very soon to people I cannot reach locally.  Digital signatures are just as valid as handwritten ones - the intent is what matters, not the handwriting.  What that means is that if you've acted in any of my videos or other projects, or otherwise contributed to them, you will be sent an email at some point in the near future, with the following basic terms (revised):

-A small up-front payment made at the end of the year after each of your video or video game roles goes online, equivalent to $1 per minute of [actually used] recorded material you contributed to the project.

-A calculated fraction of the ad revenue generated by the project online if run with ads.

-A calculated fraction of DVD sales revenue, and indirect sales revenue.

This seems like a reasonable compromise.

I know some of you are not in Houston and/or don't have an easy way to meet me in person.  The use of ESignGenie will allow you all to sign online, but the fact remains that I'd still need your email address to send you the personalized agreement  documents.  This is a challenge in certain cases, as there have been a few actors from years past who I no longer have valid contact information for.  If you did contribute to any of my projects please email me with the "email me" link above!

The first batch of videos should go online in 2016.  That includes "Tinyville Disaster", the old "House Trek"s, the first "Send in the Clones", "Relativity", "Storm", "Duel 2030", and a couple of other projects.  If you want more of the videos online, then try wrangling the actors to get them to sign!

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