What's great about TriumphantArtists.com? Or the sites connected to it? 

I can list dozens of creative, ambitious projects soon to take off, and why each of them could be amazing, but I won't do that here. Instead, just know that with whatever I'm making, whether it's videos, games, artworks, or anything else, my aim is to provide exceptional value.

Often that value is 'free' but even when it isn't, it's 'really, absurdly cheap'.

I'm convinced that by making everything accessible, I'll be able to form a larger audience, and that I can make up for low pricing with sales volume. That is my strategy.

I'll also admit openly: I will work for less than other Americans will. I've done a lot of freelancing at under $5 per hour. I can do that for you too. I truly love creative work and will do it for very low rates.

When I sell a 16 by 20 inch artwork on stretched canvas, an original handmade artwork I painted myself, on Etsy, for under $18, that's my strategy at work.

When my vast stock media archives get put on sale for only a dollar or so, including over a hundred video elements, over 150 3d models, and over 2000 texture maps, that's my strategy.

When I post videos online for free, or games for free or a dollar, once again, same strategy.
Even if it's a game like 'Miniature Multiverse' that consumed over a thousand dollars of my own cash and took over a thousand hours of work to build, even THAT is priced at $1.50 and often far less when on sale. 

So when you move on, and decide to wander around here, browse through the links above, look at what I'm doing, just know that I love art, I love creative work, and even if I never make above $4 or $5 an hour, I'll never stop because I can't. It's my passion. And I hope, in time, that my passion will show through in the work itself as I continue to post it.

And know you can hire me too. You can contact me directly, you can place orders of personalized art made to order [on eBay] or pre-made and designed by me [Etsy] or even digital video games and art resources. [Itch.IO].

Feel free to look around. I'm hoping my strategy is one that turns out well for both of us.

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That said, I'll openly disclose that when you buy something from another vendor using these links, for example, a link to Amazon.com, I will get a small fraction of the sale amount and will use that as a means of supporting and expanding the projects I'm working on here. These ads for other vendors, as well as - especially! - links to my own shops, are helping me keep these sites online and growing with new content on a more frequent basis.
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