You all need to realize that I do care about compensating my cast members (here defined as anyone who contributed their face/visual image/likeness, voice or acting performance) as well as anyone who granted me access to a recording location that was privately owned and not public property [as is the case with public parks, sidewalks/streets, and similar public property]. 

Despite the fact that you all did give me informal permission to capture your performance or property, it has not always been written and signed permission, in some cases it was merely verbally expressed, and even when it has been put in writing, that doesn't necessarily mean it directly stated that I could place the content online for a mass internet audience. 
Worse, some of those who I lack complete permission from are essentially inaccessible at this time. Some of you have moved away and I have no contact information for, or if the contact info exists, it is no longer valid. There are many phone numbers and email addresses now invalid and useless to me, and for a few of you from Jacob Velez (the first three Troop 4 videos) to Lisa Montes (Send in the Clones 4) I've been unable to get signatures in position after the fact due to abject lack of viable contact info. SO that poses a severe obstacle to launching many of my biggest past video productions online. 
Here's my idea now [given the situation and absence of thorough permission present] - I'll give out my own personal email [] and if you were in any of my projects you are encouraged to contact me through that email address. I've been giving $5 gift cards to actors, one for each role they've taken, lately, and from here on out, every time I shoot a new video I do that... and every time one of the completed video projects is released online, another $5 payment goes out to the participating cast as well... plus $1/year per actor per project as long as the video remains online. 
Moreover, the numbers described will increase gradually as my own income from my web network grows past a series of thresholds as described here, tied directly to increases in my personal annual income:

Income earned online, below $5,000 annually as is currently the case: 

$5 per actor, per project recording session / $5 per actor, per online release / $1 per actor, per project, annually, beginning in Jan. 2023. regardless of signatures. / $0.05 per actor, per video, per DVD or BluRay sold that contains content with said actor. (I.e. if the actor appears in a series of four projects on a DVD collection, that actor gets $0.20 cut from each copy of that DVD sold.)

Income earned online, $5000-$10,000 annually:

$10 per actor, per project recording session / $10 per actor, per online release / $2 per actor, per project, annually as long as revenue remains in this range / $0.07 per actor, per video, per DVD or BluRay sold containing content with said actor. 

$10,000-$25,000 earned annually:

$20 per actor, per project recording session / $20 per actor per online release / $3 per actor per project annually within this range / $0.09 per actor per video on each DVD or BluRay sold containing said actor

$25,000+ earned annually:

$35 per actor per project recording session [or higher] / $35 per actor per online release / $5 per actor per project annually in this range / $0.10 per actor per video on each DVD or BluRay sold with that actor.

If it is already past January 2023, and you acted in my videos and have not seen payment, likely this is because either I have no contact info from you or because none of the videos you were in are online yet.

Feel free to email me at that point. Was going to be 2021 but some delays have emerged. 
Now the videos are beginning to be posted - on - using a new Wordpress format which goes live sometime in the summer of 2022. You may be surprised how many things end up accessible and possible to watch. My best estimate is 60+ videos for free public viewing there by late 2022. 

All of this said: if you are okay with the videos being on the internet, and accept these payments tacitly, I'll keep sending the payments [assuming I have a valid place to send them] and will keep the videos online once released. Should you demand a removal of any video you were in, I will pull that content from my website, resulting in forfeit of all future potential payments to you and - if I cannot realistically recut the video with your role removed - to other cast members and contributors to said video.

I want these videos to be accessible to the public and pretty much every cast member I've been talking to has asked me to put them online, so I don't think the pull requests will happen much, maybe not at all, but I am prepared to pull a video if you really don't want it on my website and are willing to destroy not only your pay but every other actor's pay you worked with, in order to get rid of it.

Note that I am: willing to accept ongoing losses and risk potential lawsuits in an effort to get the videos online / willing to lose money every year, indefinitely, on the video channel, and expecting to make nothing profit-wise myself from the videos, in order to keep them online. This is a HUGE sacrifice I'm making - I've spent and in the future will spend, thousands of dollars on these projects, sending a ton of cash to a list of hundreds of people, all with no expectation of getting any of the money back.

Why am I doing this? It's because I think the videos are fun to watch, I believe the work has merit, and I want there to be an audience for this stuff I've poured so much time and energy and creativity and so many resources into... and I'm begging my actors not to sue me partly because I am usually pretty darn close to broke and can't afford a lawyer, and even one lawsuit could destroy not just the disputed project but potentially my entire online network of websites... I'm taking a huge gamble here and asking you not to make me regret it.

There's little good reason for you to sue regardless, firstly because I'll immediately honor any pull [cease/desist] requests, and secondly because you will gain nothing from me because I have very little cash in reserve at any given time, and the cost of the entertainment-industry lawyers usually is over $200/hr so you probably couldn't afford the lawsuit either. If you sue, only the lawyers win - don't let them win. If you settle without going to court, though, we should be able to figure out terms for removal or obfuscation of, the offending video material, as well as  likely a modest payment to you in compensation for the 'emotional damage' I maybe somehow inflicted by recording a video with you. Or better yet, if the video being online isn't traumatic and does not pose a problem for you: Just let the video be online, as is, and keep collecting cash from it being there. 

The banner links at the bottom of each page include links to my own webpages, links to my storefronts/shops online, and occasional links to other [third-party] verifiably legitimate stores and services I've hand-picked, vetted, and used myself. 
That said, I'll openly disclose that when you buy something from another vendor using these links, for example, a link to, I will get a small fraction of the sale amount and will use that as a means of supporting and expanding the projects I'm working on here. These ads for other vendors, as well as - especially! - links to my own shops, are helping me keep these sites online and growing with new content on a more frequent basis.