Here are a few of the older miniature effects that went into my videos over the years. 
This is by no means exhaustive, but it gives a hint of this one aspect of my videography work over the past 20 years. 
I'd really like to overhaul all of these videos and put them online safely and legally but of course only some of the past participants, the location providers and the actors cast in them, have signed on officially and agreed to the current terms I want for the video channel, terms that are generous to all of my cast members but also sustainable long term.

More examples of notable mini fx scenes of various types, scattered across projects such as 'Church of Explosions & Mayhem', 'Sabotage 757', 'Star Frigate One', 'Fortress Siege', 'Doppelganger', 'House Trek: The Next Generation', 'Video Heist', 'Tinyville Disaster 2: Micropocalypse', 'Fortress Siege 2' and a couple of other projects, may be posted over time. 

Until then, take a look at this animated .GIF - part of a sequence from 'Averting Apocalypse' that, as usual, combines a small scale-model sequence with digital enhancement, including CGI physics-simulated pyro, stock flames, and high-speed photography combined to make it look pretty darned epic:
Also, here's a set of dollhouse-scale miniature flowers in miniature flowerpots that I made once for Mother's Day:
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